Vibrating driers and centrifugal driers are an essential complement of vibrofinishing systems not only because they enable to dry the (metal) parts after different machining cycles, but also because they guarantee high quality and fast results even when drying large amounts of parts. Novagum s.r.l. supplies a wide range ofvibrating dries and centrifugal driers with tilting basket that can be used to dry the parts after vibrofinishing or tumbling, and before and after galvanic treatments. The following sections provide a detailed description of our portfolio.

VIBRATING DRIERS   Fast driers with continuous cycle suitable to dry metal parts of all shapes. Although these machines can be virtually used to dry parts of all sizes, they are generally more suitable for "small" rather than "large" items. Batch drying is carried out on a "bed" of corn granules that are pre-heated by means of reinforced resistances. Driers can be combined and used in cascade mode: after the initial burring in the vibrator, parts are automatically conveyed to the drier so that the machining process can be completed. Optional accessories Driers can be fitted with a wide range of accessories, which include: soundproof cover with manual or automatic opening, and with or without dust recovery suction system. Tank coated in polyurethane or rubber. Possibility of installing a digital temperature regulator to control and adjust the temperature of resistances. CENTRIFUGAL DRIERS   The second line comprises the centrifugal driers that, being generally more robust and less delicate, are more suitable to dry metal and plastic parts. They are intended for parts that are not particularly delicate and for items that may have small blind holes. Bulk drying is carried out by centrifuging using a forced hot air flow.